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 The <LoD> Clan's Ranking System.

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PostSubject: The <LoD> Clan's Ranking System.   Mon Dec 21, 2009 3:38 pm

Our Clan's Ranking System Includes These Ranks:

1. Initiate (I) - The first rank of the clan, showing that you registered and posted an application on the forums which was accepted.

2. Padawan (P) - The next rank after Initiate, showing that you have been active on the server and had exceptable behavior.

3. Slayer (S) - The third rank of the clan, showing that you have loyality and respect.

4. Knight Slayer (KS) - The next rank after slayer, granting you with admin to monitor players on the server.

5. Guardian Slayer (GS) - The fifth rank of the clan, granting you with higher admin.

6. Master Slayer (MS) - The rank which you are a member into the clan council.

7. Co-Leader (CO) - The second in command of the clan.

8. Emperor (EMP) - The leader of <LoD>.
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The <LoD> Clan's Ranking System.
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